Integrative therapies such as massage are holistic in nature and greatly complement conventional treatments. The services I provide may be able to aid in the relief of discomfort as well as promote wellness and speed recovery!

This holistic approach also works well as part of a preventative care program, including sports training, injury prevention and stress/behavior management.


Massage techniqes

Massage is known to provide increased mobility, efficiency and overall body function


If you’ve ever had the luxury of experiencing a massage, you know firsthand how great you feel afterwards! You become more relaxed, more flexible and more aware of your physical body.

Animals experience massage much the same way as we do, and its benefits are well-documented. The following techniques are known to provide increased mobility, efficiency and overall body function:


Swedish Massage.
This traditional massage technique promotes the circulation of oxygen and nutrients to the body’s various muscle groups. It can decrease and even eliminate muscle pain and stiffness. Swedish Massage improves joint mobility, reduces trigger and stress point formation, and can assist with performance and the shortening of recovery time.


Sports Massage.
For performance animals, sports massage is a crucial component of injury prevention and rehabilitation. These techniques focus on improving performance, increasing flexibility, and supporting the animal’s natural range of motion.


Hot/Cold Therapy.
Traditional massage techniques may be enhanced by the application of heat or cold. Applying heat during a massage may increase range of motion, warm up the connective tissues and decrease pain from muscle spasms. Likewise, cold can be used to reduce swelling and pain to any sites suffering from acute injuries.


Like humans, animals can also benefit mentally and emotionally from a massage. The techniques discussed in this section are holistic in nature, they promote self-regulation between mind and body, reduces stress, increases relaxation and fosters overall feelings of well-being.

If your animal experiences any of the following, they may benefit from massage treatment:

  • Muscle pain and stiffness resulting from exercise or fatigue

  • Muscle or ligament injuries

  • Joint pain and stiffness

  • Back pain

  • Biomechanical and gait concerns

  • Degenerative joint diseases (i.e. osteoarthritis)

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia

  • Chronic conditions leading to an altered range of motion

  • Circulatory or lymphatic concerns

  • Poor muscle tone and weakness

  • Palliative care

  • Anxiety and other behavioral concerns



Myofascial Release

A variety of techniques used to restore motion and eliminate restrictions in the fascia that surrounds the body.


Myofascial tissues are the soft connective tissues that cover and support muscle groups throughout the body. When muscles are subjected to repeated injuries or overuse, they may develop adhesions in these myofascial tissues.

Such restrictions can limit an animal’s range of motion. Its flexibility, strength, balance, endurance and coordination will all be affected by myofascial pain.

Our animals go through a lot and work just as hard as we do. They may experience periods when their bodies are out of alignment. To compensate, they may induce wear and tear in other areas of their body and incidentally create a trigger point for myofascial pain.

Various massage techniques which implement IASTM, are designed to restore motion and eliminate restrictions in the fascia causing discomfort by applying gentle strokes and pressure to the tissues. The goal is to loosen the myofascial tissue restrictions and break up adhesions so that they may move more freely, reducing tension and pain throughout the animal’s body.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation(IASTM)
This is a therapy that involves using tools to stimulate blood flow and healing. Applying a variety of strokes to the surface of the skin breaks up adhesions, improves circulation and reduces inflammation. These techniques are particularly suited for releasing muscular tension in performance animals and older pets.

If your animal experiences any of the following, they may benefit from IASTM TECHNIQUES:

  • Chronic or intermittent lameness

  • Recovery from an injury

  • Decreased performance and strength

  • Decreased range of motion

  • Pain and stiffness in muscles and joints

  • Irritability

  • Biomechanical and gait concerns

  • Unwillingness to work, exercise or engage in routine activities

  • Other behavioral changes



Kinesiology Taping

This therapeutic tool benefits a variety of inflammatory conditions, as well as musculoskeletal and sports injuries.


Therapeutic kinesiology taping is a recovery technique used by some of the world’s best athletes, both human and animal.

This therapeutic tool benefits a variety of inflammatory conditions, as well as musculoskeletal and sports injuries. Taping techniques promote an animal’s body awareness, improve circulation, and reduce pain, swelling and muscle fatigue.

The therapeutic tape gives support and stability to the joints and muscles, without affecting circulation or disrupting your animal’s range of motion.

For animals who have recently undergone surgery, kinesiology taping can be a boon to the recovery process. It is used post-operatively to lessen swelling and decrease scar formation by applying pressure to the skin. This pressure allows fluids to move more easily through the body, and gently stretches scar tissue to promote collagen regeneration.

Therapeutic taping also increases proprioception and body awareness, which are crucial steps in the rehabilitation process. For animals in physical therapy, the tape can act as a bridge from the skin to the brain, dulling pain sensors and re-establishing communication between mind and body.

All in all, kinesiology taping will help your animal improve their performance, speed up their recovery time and prevent further injuries!

If your animal experiences any of the following, they may benefit from kinesiology taping:

  • Scar tissue

  • Muscle pain, stiffness or adhesions

  • Exercise fatigue

  • Edema, swelling or bruising

  • Tendon and ligament injuries

  • Chronic conditions leading to an altered range of motion

  • Poor muscle tone and weakness

  • Lymphatic or circulatory concerns


Kaneqt is an integrative body work service in which I work closely with licensed veterinarians to provide the most appropriate care for your animal(s). The services I provide will address any medical concerns and acute/chronic illnesses and injuries in conjunction with the recommendations of traditional veterinary treatment. The modalities I offer are NOT meant to replace veterinary care. General wellness and maintenance programs require you and your pet to have an ongoing relationship with a licensed veterinarian. Any treatments for injury or health-related concerns outside of prevention, maintenance or general wellness require a referral from a licensed veterinarian. These concerns must be addressed by a veterinary professional before I can initiate treatment. The services I provide do not comprise any diagnosis, prognosis or prescription for injury or health concerns that require or have not yet received veterinary attention. If you are looking for help with a medical emergency or your animal is injured, please go directly to your local veterinary emergency hospital.