As an RVT, your pets are my passion!

This is me working in small animal practice performing a Comprehensive Oral Health assessment and Treatment.

This is me working in small animal practice performing a Comprehensive Oral Health assessment and Treatment.

My name is Lisa Vettoretti, I have been an RVT since 2009 working with both small and large animals. Throughout my career I have been passionate about furthering my skills as well as continually searching for ways to use my experience and education to help clients better help their pets. 

I started my education in hands on bodywork in 2015 when I received my initial certification in Canine and Equine Massage. This training and certification was completed with hours of intense theory and 60 + hours of hands on instruction under the supervision of  a Registered Massage Therapist. This training greatly complimented my diploma from the University of Guelph Veterinary Technology Program . I was taught the tools, techniques and applications of bodywork that can be easily integrated along with my formal education of anatomy, traditional medicine and treatment plans.

When I discovered massage I realized THIS, was the hands on approach to wellness and recovery I had been searching for. Bodywork was a way that I could positively impact the lives of animals and give a gift to pet owners that would help them better help their pets. I could now help pets through daily discomfort, the athlete in recovery and even pets in palliative care. I am passionate about wellness and recovery. We can always do more to improve the quality of life of our pets. I have since been investing much of my time into learning as much as I can about different modalities of bodywork as well as the human-animal connection that makes them so special.

I feel that being a Registered Veterinary Technician is important in this journey. It is a credential given to one who has obtained a diploma in veterinary technology from an accredited college, has passed the Veterinary Technician National Examination and then registered with the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians. Registered Veterinary Technicians are required to maintain good standing within the OAVT by staying up to date on education and training standards. 

Registered Veterinary Technicians are required to uphold standards of practice and ethics in any service or treatment they provide. We are required to work closely with veterinarians to ensure that any treatments are prescribed and therefore appropriate for the patient. It allows me to provide optimum care for my patients.

When seeking integrative treatments such as massage, laser or pulsed electro magnetic therapy for example I believe it is important to have confidence that the practitioner holds a concrete base of knowledge as well as a responsibility to uphold ethics in patient care and scope of practice. 

Registered Veterinary Technicians like myself are making their way out of hospitals and  into other sectors of veterinary medicine such as in Rehabilitative and Integrative Therapies. It is an amazing way for us to apply our skills and education to help our clients better help our pets. It allows us to foster the human animal bonds that we hold so dear. 

My passion for animal wellness has grown throughout my career as an RVT and through my education in massage therapy and body work. It has allowed me to truly be a part of recovery and wellness in a more meaningful way. Integrative therapies like massage are an amazing way to connect with animals that are  finding their way to wellness. I look forward to the journey and lifelong education that comes along with the practice of bodywork and I am more than excited to become a collaborative part of the well-being of our most cherished animal friends.