What if you were experiencing discomfort,
but weren’t able to tell anyone?


Unfortunately, our most loved friends and companions are unable to tell us that they are experiencing discomfort. While some things that cause pain are clear to see, there are other, more subtle forms of pain that can be harder to identify.

Stiff or painful joints, weak muscles and soft tissue injuries can negatively impact an animal’s quality of life and general performance.

Some indications that your pet may be experiencing pain or discomfort include include restlessness or an inability to get comfortable, loss of appetite, lack of agility, disengagement from normal activities or reduced performance.

Our animals might not be able to speak to us,

but luckily there are options for recovery and wellness that

require no words at all.

Integrative therapies such as massage, are a hands-on approach to wellness that decreases pain and muscle tension while improving mobility and range of motion.

Above all else, animals who receive such treatments experience a marked improvement in quality of life and feelings of wellbeing.


Lisa Vettoretti  – RVT, CEMT, CCMT & CMFT

Lisa Vettoretti – RVT, CEMT, CCMT & CMFT

I work closely with licensed veterinarians to provide the most appropriate care for my clients and their companions.

As a Registered Veterinary Technician who is certified in Myo-Manipulative Functional Therapy and Bodywork, I strive to provide animals with a modality of care that positively affects both physical and emotional well-being.

My hands-on techniques are chosen to ensure the comfort and recovery of our canine and equine friends. From performance horses to the the adventurous family dog, I am confident that your animal companion will benefit greatly from the treatments I offer in my wellness program.



Reduces pain and stress, increases range of motion and mobility, and fosters feelings of well-being.



This treatment eliminates pain and reduces tension and restrictions in movement.



Improves performance, speeds up recovery time and used in the prevention of injury.